InfinityPro User Management System (UMS) is a comprehensive cloud storage control solution designed for use with the InfinityPro Interactive Display.
InfinityPro Interactive Display - UMS

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InfinityPro UMS is now available on the Play Store, App Store, and Amazon Appstore.
InfinityPro UMS

Seamless Content Integration

InfinityPro UMS offers a seamless integration of Google Drive and OneDrive accounts, enabling users to conveniently access and present content directly on the screen.
UMS Seamless Content Integration

Accessing Files with a Click

Experience seamless file access through our intuitive interactive display. Simply click to open files instantly, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.
Accessing Files with a Click

Protect your credentials

Safeguard your password from unauthorized access and use your phone to log into any InfinityPro interactive display effortlessly. Simply scan the QR code instead of manually entering your password on the board.
Protect your credentials
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