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Education and the workplace have had to evolve and adapt in the last couple of years like never before, InfinityPro designed a product to transform classroom and meeting room collaboration to the next level.


Enhance Productivity. Foster Collaboration.

The InfinityPro interactive flat panel is designed to enhance presentations and create a more engaging workplace environment. It helps keep your workspace tidy by minimizing cable clutter through wireless screen sharing capabilities while also offering integrated collaboration tools for more engaging presentations.


Multi-User Collaboration. Inspiring Learning Experiences.

Allowing multiple users to write, draw, erase, and edit at the same time, the InfinityPro interactive flat panels engage the minds of students with their dynamic capabilities. You can access the internet, share files, and wirelessly broadcast your device’s content for a more involved classroom experience.


Wireless Communication. Crystal Clear 4K Display.

Efficiently communicate with both staff and patients using the wireless broadcasting and screen-sharing features of the InfinityPro interactive flat panel.


Enhance Communication And Creative Brainstorming.

Whether you want to enhance communication and foster creative brainstorming within government teams, improve training sessions, or create immersive presentations to facilitate decision-making, InfinityPro interactive flat panel solutions are the ideal choice for staying connected.

What makes InfinityPro the preferred choice among our clients?

We have brought together the world’s best multimedia technology-based products, designed to improve customers’ communication channels, help reduce expenses, improve productivity and most importantly enhance their competitive edge over others in the market.

  • Security features included
  • Utilizes unique technology solutions
  • In-house developed software applications used
  • Ability for customization
  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • 3 years of onsite warranty support offered
  • Backed by local technical support services
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