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InfinityPro Mobile Electric Lift Stand

Height Adjustable Mobile Stand Lifts up to 90″

The InfinityPro mobile stand supports a variety of screen widths and can be adjusted to fit your viewing needs. Made of sturdy cold rolled steel, it can safely support displays weighing up to a hundred kilograms.

Durability for the Workplace

InfinityPro mobile display stands are made from durable cold rolled steel, with a wide base to provide additional stability.  It features four heavy-duty rolling casters so that the same monitor can be wheeled from room to room for multiple presentations. 

Stable and capable of safely supporting up to a hundred kilograms, it is a practical addition to a busy workplace. Wheel locks keep the stand anchored to a fixed position and prevent slippage during important moments.
Infinity Mobile TV Stand Wheel with Lock
Infinity Mobile TV Stand

Flexibility and Adjustability

The InfinityPro mobile display stand can be remotely adjusted to change its height and tilt angle, allowing for a comfortable and dynamic viewing experience for different audiences.
Additionally, when used to mount interactive display screens, the InfinityPro stand can be turned into an interactive table for dynamic and engaging presentations.


  • 980 x 720mm base.
  • 3 inch wheels with stopper.
  • Fits screen widths from 32 to 75 inches.
  • Screen can be tilted backwards up to 90 degrees.
  • 600 – 1250mm lifting height.
  • Supports up to 100kg of weight.
Infinity Mobile TV Stand

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